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You deserve to heal.

But it's getting harder all the time.

Here's what we're facing in the current medical system: 

A PILL For Every ILL

Medical professionals push pills to fix symptoms instead of getting to the real reason (root cause) of what's going on in someone's body.

"Got IBS? Try Metamucil."

You're Not "Sick Enough" 

Patients leave appointments feeling worse than when they walked in. They feel gaslit and dismissed when they are feeling vulnerable.

"Your labs look normal, so you're fine!"

"I can't help you, go see..."

Patients bounce around from practitioner to practitioner without ever finding answers (and leaving with more questions and bills!) 

"You''ll need to go to a different specialist for that..."

Your Health Can't Be Solved in 15 Minutes

Patients do not have enough time with practitioners for them to understand the full scope of their health and body.

"My next patient is waiting so we don't have time for questions."

You deserve better care than this.

The Wellness Map is your pathway to healing for good.

Get compassionate guidance, opportunity and community to propel you on your path to wellness. 

Discover new healthcare solutions.

Experience novel treatments* in functional medicine that are otherwise hidden or cost prohibitive. 

Be empowered to take charge of your healthcare. 

Navigate doctor’s appointments so you get what you need out of them without the shame or gaslighting. 

Never feel alone on your health journey.

Be part of a community of wellness warriors who can support you on your path. 

Finally feel seen and heard by your providers.

Find the best medical care without fat-shaming, gimmicks, symptom shaming, or outdated practices.

*In-person treatments currently available in New York City with more cities being added soon.

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Hi! I’m Michelle, Functional Registered Dietitian and Patient Advocate

I have served close to one thousand clients in the NYC area providing functional nutrition coaching to executives looking to reverse gut issues and anxiety and lose weight in a self-loving way.

I am also a proud patient advocate. I eagerly connect with functional medicine practitioners throughout the country to place clients in the most capable and empathic hands.

I have a strong referral network and am committed to sharing the gift of a great healer with everyone I can.

That's why I created Wellness Map, to connect clients with the practitioners who will truly help them heal and to arm clients with the tools they need to leave every appointment feeling better than when they walked in.